It is very important to take care of your skin in a special way during quarantine. These unexpected changes, diet, emotions, stress, etc…. causes your skin to suffer and negatively affect its normal state. These days you'll likely feel your skin different, more tight, without luminosity, or perhaps with some rebellious granite. During these days we have received a lot of messages asking about the changes you must make to your facial habits. We know you have a lot of doubts about how to take care of yourself in this situation, so I'm going to give you a look at the tips to take care of your skin during quarantine.

Facial habit by day

Is it necessary to cleanse the skin in the morning if I did it before the night before? The answer is "YES".

At night, your skin enters its regenerating process and eliminates toxins, so it is very important that in the morning you clean it with a suitable product that removes all those impurities and helps you make the skin look radiant.

Do I need to wear sunscreen if I'm not leaving home? The answer is "YES".

UVA rays pierce the crystals, so if you are working near the computer near the window or reading on the terrace it is necessary to apply a physical filter sunscreen to prevent ultraviolet rays from penetrating your skin and cause premature aging of cells, thus avoid the formation of spots and prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

These days you'll probably feel your skin a little altered, so it's the ideal time to devote the time and care it deserves.

Next, I'm going to offer you tips to take care of your skin during quarantine, explaining the correct order step by step of your daytime facial habit.

Step One – Cleaning

Depending on your skin type we will choose between cleansing milk (dry skin) or cleansing gel (normal/mixed).

To make it easier and more comfortable, we recommend that you do this step in the shower when bathing.

Step Two – Toning

This great forgotten will become your best friend these days, because it will rebalance the pH of your skin after cleansing and prepare it and stimulate it for hydration.

Step Two – Specific Care

Take advantage of these days to acquire this facial habit that we often skip for lack of time and that will provide you with incredible benefits for your skin. First apply the eye contour and then the Regenerating Serum.

Step Four – Hydration

How many times do we miss that extra time to pamper ourselves and bring to your skin everything it deserves, … enjoy applying the cream, gently massage your face, it's time to feel.

If these days you feel your skin drier than usual, add a few drops of imperial oil to your cream to give it extra nutrition.

Step five – sunscreen and makeup

Here you must be consistent with the situation in which we live since if you are going to work next to a window you will have to apply a little sunscreen, for prevention. Even if the day is cloudy, UVA rays will negatively affect your skin.

As a last step, you can apply makeup.

Next, I will show you the recommendations for a good facial routine at night which will lead us to a complete care of our skin, although sometimes some questions arise, …

Is it necessary to do the double cleaning, even if I have not done my makeup? The answer is "YES".

Even if you don't leave home the skin accumulates many impurities such as sweat or sebum, in addition, in this way you eliminate traces of sunscreen or makeup.

Do I have oily skin, should I use imperial oil as the first step of double cleansing? The answer is "YES".

The use of Imperial Oil as a first step of double cleaning is for everyone as it will serve you to drag and remove the fat produced by our skin, traces of sunscreen, makeup or sebum itself. This will give you better pore cleansing and greater absorption of products into the deeper layers of your skin.

Facial habit at night

Find a quiet place, relax and enjoy the moment. Remember that this habit, it is for you, is a gift that we make nosotr@s mism@s to feel much better.

First step – Double cleaning.

To start clean and dry your hands well. These tips to take care of your skin during quarantine will come in great for you to acquire a good facial habit.

To perform the first step of double cleaning apply 3 or 4 drops of Imperial Oil on the face and massage with gentle circular movements from the center outwards. If you're wearing make-up eyes, you can use cotton discs (previously moistened with warm water) add a few drops of oil and gently remove makeup.When you've been massaging your face for a while, repeat again but this time moistening your hands with warm water, then remove the remains of Imperial Oil with a towel or muslin previously moistened with warm or warm water.

For the second step of double cleansing you will use the recommended product according to your skin type, cleansing milk (dry skin) or cleansing gel (normal/mixed skin).

Step two – Toning.

After cleansing you will be able to apply a tonic to rebalance the pH and soothe and prepare your skin.

Step two – Specific Care.

The application shape of the eye contour is simple, with a small amount and soft touches all over the contour, without dragging and always in movements from the center outwards.

And the regenerating Serum, you can also apply it in a soft and delicate way.

At night I recommend you take some time, reflect on how your day was, give yourself an automassing (I will talk about it in the next post) and, above all, enjoy the moment, disconnect your mobile for an instant and take a little time to take care of yourself and pamper yourself, … your skin will thank you.

If you have any questions or queries write to me at will be happy to help you.

Thank you so much!!!!