To start with a correct facial treatment ritual, we are going to stop talking about facial routine and let’s start talking about facial habit.

When we do something routinely, we do it unconsciously, always the same, unwillingly, etc. However, when we choose to create a habit, we do it with awareness, aimed at achieving goals and enjoying the process.

The most important thing to choose a suitable cosmetic is to know what type of skin we have and what state it is in.

How can we know? Consulting your trusted esthetician, dermatologist or beauty professional. If you have any doubts, get in touch with us and we will make you a totally personalized Beauty protocol.

Here we are going to give you some guidelines on the proper order of application of the products.


Our skin tends to protect itself, its pores are slightly tighter and it acts as a barrier against pollution, dust, etc.




1. Cleaning according to your skin type.
Soothing balm if you have dry / sensitive skin or you can choose our Cleaning Gel if your skin is combination.

2. Toner for all skin types.

3. Eye contour, for all skin types.

4. Serum (regenerator or advance antiox) we recommend the use of antioxidants for the day, so the advance antiox option is perfect.

5. Moisturizing cream according to your skin type: if your skin feels dry, we recommend the nourishing cream, if your skin is combination, you will love the moisturizing fluid. And if you have a demanding skin and want a “glow” effect, the regenerating cream will be your best option.

6. Don’t forget your Sunscreen.

7. If you feel like make up.


At night the skin tends to expand, its pores open and it enters a regenerative process.

In our Night Ritual we recommend listening to our skin and offering it cosmetics that support this process, that is why we recommend using the Regenerating Serum.

If your skin feels dry, we can use our fabulous imperial oil after the serum or if necessary the soothing balm or one of our creams.



1. Double cleaning, for all types of skin (SENSITIVE SKIN CONSULT) an essential step to keep the skin clean and in perfect condition.
-First step of the double cleaning must be a greasy phase, that is why we recommend our Imperial Oil or Soothing Balsam.
-Second step: cleansing gel, for a deep cleaning if your skin is sensitive, we recommend that you only use the soothing balm.

2. Toner for all skin types

3. Contour for all skin types.

4. Regenerating serum or Serum Advance Antiox. We recommend Regenerator for its many benefits for the skin at night.

5. If your skin is dry or you consider that it needs extra nutrition, you can use Imperial Oil, Soothing Balm or any of our creams.