Benefits, recommendations and how to do it.

As you know, one of the secrets of the Geishas are their beauty rituals. Among those that stand out the Anti-Wrinkle facial massage and Reaffirmant. In this post we will talk about its benefits, how to do it and recommendations.

To begin this ritual I recommend you create a pleasant atmosphere, look for a place in your home where you sit cómod@, create your own dressing table, light a candle, put an incense and place it to your liking.

This Anti-Wrinkle and Reaffirming Facial Massage will be performed at night, right after double cleaning and toning, and you're only going to need a few drops of Imperial Oil.

First of all, I want to emphasize that it is a moment of connection with mism@, it is a gift that you will make to feel better and in harmony. The benefits you will get with this Anti-Wrinkle Facial Massage and Reaffirmants are as follows:

  • Rejuvenate the skin through the pressures you exert on your rosto as they activate circulation and oxygenation.
  • Avoid prolonged contraction and premature wrinkles.
  • Improves mood.
  • Improve your face's appearance and luminosity.
  • Fine-tune the expression lines.
  • Increases collagen production.
  • Decreases the effects of stress.

I recommend you practice it 7 nights in a row and you will see that the results obtained are impressive. By acquiring this habit every night you will rejuvenate your skin naturally. Be careful not to practice this ritual if you have any skin infections, or pronounced acne as it may spread. Never massage a recent wound or scar and if your skin is sensitive perform the Anti-Wrinkle facial massage and Firm in a gentle and delicate way.


How to perform your Anti-Wrinkle Facial Massage and Reaffirming step by step: We attach a video to make it easier for you.

Anti-Wrinkle facial massage and Firming

  1. Start by relaxing the muscles and relieving day-to-day tensions,
  2. Work the neckline cross, rounding your shoulder and under cross,
  3. Massage your neck with your knuckles from the inside out,
  4. Exercise the facial oval with two fingers, using the opposite hand of the area to work.
  5. With the "grip"-shaped fingers it borders the entire facial oval from the inside out.
  6. Kobido percussions, first with the 2 fingers together and then alternating.
  7. Repeat step 5.
  8. Work the cupid arch and lower lip with two fingers.
  9. Round the cheekbone with triangle-shaped hands.
  10. Percussions in the eye contour area, from the inside out.
  11. Gently press the beginning of the eyebrow and comb it.
  12. Ying yang on the bing.
  13. Zigzag on the forehead from side to side and relax.
  14. We repeat 3 times.
  15. You would apply Eye Contour and Regenerating Serum after anti-wrinkle and Firming Facial Massage.

I invite you to give yourself the opportunity to try it, to see the change in your skin and above all that you enjoy in the process.

This is the "basic" Anti-Wrinkle Facial Massage and Firming, later I will show you new steps in which I will introduce jade rollers and guashas to increase the benefits on your skin.

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